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The Money Management System For Windows

This Windows-based software program performs financial calculations in a variety of categories, including annuities, bank discounts, bonds, CDs, compound interest, cash flow, mortgage calculations, amortization schedules and over 40 others.

In addition to what is explained above, the Money Management System handles many complex problems with work sheets to find savings in refinancing or prepaying mortgages and includes a work sheet for retirement plans.

The program uses 17 dialog boxes for over 50 different types of financial calculations and has extensive help and 16 detailed examples. Calculation results can then be easily edited, printed, or saved to a file. An extensive instructional manual is also included.

This list is just some of the financial calculations in The Money Management System:
Amortization Schedule, Annuities with Unequal Payments, Balloon Loans, Bank Loans, Bank Savings Accounts, Bankers Acceptance, Bonds: (Convertible, Corporation, Municipal, US Treasury, Zero Coupon) Capital Investment Evaluation, Certificate of Deposits, Commercial Paper, Credit Union Accounts, Debentures, Discounted Notes, Federal Funds, First Mortgage Bond, General Annuities, Home Equity Loans, Home Mortgages, Income from Savings, Installment Payments, Insurance, Lease, Life Expectancy, Loan Amortization Schedule, Money Market Accounts, Mortgage Early Payoff, Mortgage Purchase, Mortgage Refinancing, NOW Checking Accounts, Prepay Mortgage, Project Proposal Economics, Promissory Notes, Purchase a Mortgage, Refinance a Mortgage, Rent, Retirement Income, Savings, Second Mortgages, Short Term Loans, Sinking Fund, Treasury Bills, Trusts, US Treasury Notes, Zero Coupon Bonds
and much, much more!


Money Management System $29.95 plus $5 s&h. 


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