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Thank You for being interested for becoming an My Shopping Online Affiliate. Please read below for the program information.

Program Details

By signing up to make money with us you will receive the following:
  • Free Web Site
  • 30% Commission From Every Sale
  • Free Way To Make Money
  • Work At Home
  • No Programming Needed
  • Member Area With Help On Promoting Your Site
  • Large Variety Of Products
  • 100% Free

You will be paid on a monthly basis (not every 3-6 months like some other companies). You must make 25 dollars before we can send you a check. If you don't make 25 dollars in one month it gets carried to the next. Every time you get a sale that is approved you will get a confirmation e-mail.  We pay you more than almost any other company on the web (most companies only give you about 3-6% commission, we give you 30%) and we offer you a free web site. There is no  limit on how much money you can make. We give you a large selection of products to sell on your web site. If you have your own web site you can use your own design on your own server (without the order form). All orders are transferred through a secure server. We process all transactions and we ship all the products so you don't have to worry about a thing. You will sell the highest quality Do-It-Yourself Legal Kits and Legal Forms as seen on TV.

How It Works

You will get your own web site with a member area where you can promote your site for free. You will be given an Affiliate number that must be entered by the customer or they won't be able to purchase the product. This way you will be credited for every sale. Each page will also have your name on it (optional). 

Sample Web Site

Click here to see a sample web site and order form. On top of every page we will have your Affiliate number, your name, and your location.

Terms Of Service 

You must agree to these terms of service before you can sign up to sell products. Click here to read the terms.


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