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Tenant Legal Rights Kit
Most tenants do not know what their legal rights are and are often taken advantage of. This kit clearly explains your legal rights as a tenant. Written by an attorney, this kit shows you what steps to take to legally win disputes with your landlord, and what language to look for and avoid in a lease before you sign one. At one time, a tenant had virtually no legal rights - the landlord was allowed to do just about anything he wanted to. Times have changed. The problem is, most tenants do not know what their legal rights are and they're often taken advantage of.

What Does This Kit Contain ?
Because this kit has been written by an attorney, you'll have the knowledge needed to win disputes with your landlord! It explains to you your rights as a tenant and warns you of problems in a lease before you sign one. It's written in easy to understand language, not legal mumbo-jumbo!

What Topics Will This Kit Cover?

The Tenant Legal Rights Kit discusses the 

General principals of landlord-tenant laws
Illegality of certain leases
Termination of a lease
The Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act
Unfair provisions you should avoid in leases end why
Illegal evictions
Consumer protection laws
Legal liabilities of landlords
and much more!
The kit also discusses suing your landlord over the following is sues:
Typical lease forms
Defective conditions of rented property
Defective grounds
Defects in exterior or interior steps or stairs
Ice or snow in areas used by tenants
Defects in appliances supplied to tenant
Defects in areas of buildings
Class action suits (where several tenants sue)


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