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Do-It-Yourself Lawsuit And Asset Protection Kit
We live in a "sue-happy" society these days. this kit, complete with computer software, will show you how to build a "financial fortress" and make yourself judgment proof!

You've read stories about people suing others for ridiculous claims and winning huge judgments:
-someone broke into a home in the dead of night, slipped on the kids marbles, broke a leg - he sued and won!
-one idiot strapped a refrigerator to his back and ran in a race. The strap broke and he hurt his back. He sued the strap manufacturer and collected $1.3 million!
-a woman ordered coffee at the drive-through at a fast food restaurant, spilled it in her lap and was burned, sued the restaurant chain and won over $1 million!

Don't Let This Happen to You!

Litigation has become a popular tool for accumulating wealth by financial predators and their attorneys, who often take cases on a contingency fee basis. Many lawsuits have nothing to do with right or wrong, but instead, are predicated on the desire of one party to extract wealth from another party. There are two basic ingredients in every lawsuit: an injury perceived by the plaintiff (either real or imagined), and a defendant who has the ability to compensate for the plaintiff's perceived injury. It has been estimated that over 50,000 lawsuits are filed in this country every day of the week. A variety of causes have been cited for this "Litigation Explosion"--a breakdown of the moral fabric, the loss of the sense of community, too many lawyers, or just the "opportunity of a lifetime." Whatever the cause, the impact on each of us is significant.

For many people the threshold issue in asset protection is: Do I need it? Many people believe that "I don't do anything dangerous, so it can't happen to me" However, if you are engaged in any business or professional practice, chances are sooner or later you will be sued. The same holds true for any person with a nest egg, or the likelihood of accumulating one (high earning or inheritance potential). One does not need to lose one of these lawsuits in order to lose his or her wealth; simply the cost of litigating these lawsuits can drain your wealth. The costs of defending even a frivolous lawsuit can easily reach $50,000 to $100,000. What's more, once you get to court, you will quickly learn that the system is heavily weighted toward the sympathetic plaintiff, as juries play "Robin Hood" with your money. Jury awards are routinely reaching stratospheric levels, which bear no relationship to the actual damage suffered by the plaintiff. Plaintiffs' lawyers affectionately refer to this phenomena as "winning the jury lottery." The potential target for a "jury lottery" winner is the deep pocket defendant.

The objective of asset protection planning is to legally situate one's assets in such manner that potential lawsuits are discouraged before being commenced. In other words, you situate your assets so that there is no economic incentive for someone to sue you. Asset protection planning is based on sophisticated, but legal business and estate planning strategies. It is absolutely critical that you understand that asset protection does not involve hiding assets or making fraudulent transfers to third parties. Such devices are a failure that ruin careers and cause people to go to jail, and, what's more, such devices are totally unnecessary. If an asset protection plan in properly implemented it is both legal and nearly impenetrable.

This Kit and Software will Show You:

  • How to Avoid Probate How to Set Up a Family Limited Partnership

  • How to use Swiss Annuities in asset protection

  • How to use tax havens in asset protection

  • How to Set Up a Living Trust

  • How to Set Up a Corporation (without an attorney)

  • How to Save on Taxes

  • and much more!

Lawsuit & Asset Protection Kit $29.95 Our Price: $28.95 plus $5 s&h.  

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