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Do-It-Yourself Internet Business Starter Kit

The Do-It-Yourself Internet Business Starter Kit will show you how to make money with the Internet! This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme, but a collection of real Internet business resources and tools to empower anyone to have a profitable business on the Internet. Perfect for a home business or it can be used with a business of any size.

The Internet is just about the easiest place ever created to make money. That's because it now costs almost nothing to reach millions of prospects. This kit unlocks the secrets you need to make money with the Internet!


This kit includes everything you need to start making money with the Internet:
* over 400 sources for over 25,000 great products you can sell without paying a cent for inventory or shipping
* instructions on how to easily down-load more than 2 million current e-mail addresses directly from our web-site, and how to reach them all for FREE
* 1,000 places to advertise for free on the Internet
* a detailed guide to crucial business strategies to virtually guarantee your success on the Internet
* how to set up an Internet web page or a complete site inexpensively
* and much much more!


Absolutely. This program is about as "risk-free" as you will find and there has never been an easier or safer way to start a home business than with this kit and the Internet, for three simple reasons:

1) NO ADVERTISING COSTS - You'll discover how to advertise at over 1,000 places on the Internet for FREE! Internet e-mail is another FREE tool for advertising, and you will have the e-mail addresses of over 2,000,000 potential customers! You can reach two million customers for $0.00. This is possible only with the Internet.

2) NO INVENTORY COSTS - You will discover how to sell products from companies that will ship your orders directly to your customers - you never stock any inventory, and you never deal with shipping hassles! Discover how you can sell any kind of product - from high- tech electronics, computers, or cameras to jewelry, toys and books. You'll have over 25,000 items to sell!

3) HIGH PROFIT - Think about this. You have no advertising costs and no inventory costs, so all that remains is profit. You CAN make money with this kit and the Internet!

If you are thinking about a home-based business, this is it! The old saying, "It takes money to make money" does not apply to this! All you will really invest is your time and virtually no money to make make money! (SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - IBM PC or compatible, Internet access, and web browser software.)

Internet Business Starter Kit $34.95 Our Price: $29.95 plus $5 s&h.


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