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Do-It-Yourself Web Detective Kit
Virtually anything can be found on the Internet, including almost any information about a person and/or business. That is, if you know where to look! Using this professional yet easy-to-use software, you will have the same sources that private investigators, law firms and others are using to track, locate, background check or screen almost anyone anywhere! You'll be amazed and astounded at what you can find with The Web Detective Kit!

Web Detective Kit
Find out almost anything on anybody using the miracle of the Internet! You'll be amazed
(maybe even terrified!) at what can be found out about friends, enemies,
businesses, your boss, neighbors - even YOU - on the web!

Search For People - Find Almost Anyone!
- Find people who have relocated -
- Vital statistics -
- Find people who have changed their name, e-mail address or phone -
- Resources for finding adoptees and birth parents -
- Social Security lookups -
- Military databases -
- Find people using only their phone number -
- Create a map showing directions right to a person's door -

Tap Into Investigative Sources
- Bank account information -
- Credit reports -
- Driver's records -
- Lawsuits -
- Employment screening -
- Criminal records -
- Asset identification -
- FBI files -
- Investigative information -
- Secrets of the past -
- Tax liens -
- Almost anything on anybody -
- Listen in on police radios (scanner) -

Search Various Government Resources
- State by State information -
- Government databases -
- CIA information -
- Legal databases -
- Court documents -

Visit Numerous Information Sources
- Send anonymous e-mail -
- View illegal drug archives -
- Track anyone's newsgroup postings -
- Surf anonymously on the net -
- View the FBI's most wanted -
- Check the Internet's Better Business Bureau -
- Illegal software piracy sites -
- Anarchist sites (Loads of information files) -
- Criminal databases -
- Virus creation/prevention sites -
- Sources for underground books & information -

Features To Make Your Search For Info Quick & Easy

- Quick Search - Search multiple sources at once for address, e-mail or phone information.
- Most extensive list of Internet investigative sources available anywhere
- HTML interface option for those who prefer it
- State search utility - SSN, address search, phone search, etc.
- Link directory creation - make your own tailored HTML documents
- Stand-alone search utility that works with your browser
- Click a button for upgrade downloads - FREE - sources always up-to-date
- Internet database locate utility
- One click for e-mail support

The Web Detective Kit Is Always Up-To-Date
With The Web Detective Kit, you never have to worry about how
old the information is and whether or not it is even valid! The
Web Detective Kit is updated frequently and these updates are
always FREE to anyone who has purchased the program. Simply click on a
button within the program to acquire the next update from our website.

These are the sites private investigators wish were kept secret! Now at your fingertips as well!

On standard 3.5" diskette


Any IBM PC or compatible running Windows 95 or 98,
Internet access, web browser software.

Web Detective Kit $17.95 Our Price: $16.95 plus $5 s&h

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