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Debt Collection Kit

If your business is finding it ever-increasingly difficult to collect payment of past due invoices from your customers, you need this kit. It will quickly and easily show you how to collect monies due you in a timely manner, helping you increase your cash flow and profitability. What business can't use that help?

Debt Collection Kit

My customers don't pay within the payment terms I extend them. How can I get them to pay me on a timely basis?

If your growing small business is like most, you may be suffering from a cash-flow crunch. Cash-flow problems are usually caused when customers do not pay your invoice in a prompt manner, or not at all! This kit will quickly and easily help in obtaining payment from your customers.

What Does This Kit Contain, And How Will It Help Me Collect Payments Faster From My Customers?

Cash flow problems are normally the number one reason growing businesses struggle or fail altogether. Most businesses need to extend payment terms to their customers if they want their business. This is especially true if your customer is a large firm. This kit contains:

* tips on how to receive payment when the order is placed, or to increase your chances of prompt payment after the order is placed
* how to manage objections
* shows how to collect past due invoices and using the services of a collection agency if needed
* how to win in small claims court if needed
* several sample letters you can mail, fax, or e-mail your customers when they become past-due. The sample letters are the "meat and potatoes" of this kit - they contain the proper legal wording to effectively receive payment from your late customer. They are designed to be used in different stages - the first one at 35 days, then a follow-up phone call at 45 days, another specific letter at 55 days, etc. The forms are preprinted, or you can use the FREE optional software disk the kit contains. Using virtually any word processing program (such as Microsoftİ Wordİ, Worksİ, Word Perfectİ, Note Padİ, etc., simply open the specific form you wish to send, fill in the appropriate blanks, then print or fax from your computer. It's very
easy to use and effective.

Debt Collection Kit $19.95  Our Price: $16.95 plus $5 s&h.

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