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Small Business Advisor

Imagine consulting a Harvard lawyer and a Big-Six accountant ...but without the fees! That's the premise of the Small Business Advisor. This software acts as an interactive expert, offering legal, regulatory and tax advice for small businesses. Developed by Michael D. Jenkins, a Harvard lawyer and Big-Six CPA who has authored over 50 books about business success!


Offers "consulting sessions" where the program asks you questions on issues you select, such as whether or not to incorporate, whether to elect Sub S status for a corporation, when you can deduct home-office expenses, and other complex issues. The program then analyzes your answers and gives you its conclusions - based on your specific situation - as well as giving you detailed discussion of the analysis behind Advisor's recommendations (on screen or hard copy.)

Creates detailed business startup checklists of legal, tax and other requirements and planning opportunities. Fully customized for your state's laws and for your business' particular fact situation. These checklists usually range from 2 to 4 pages in length, depending upon your situation.* Select the state law (from any of the 50 states or Washington D.C.) and answer a series of simple questions that the program presents to you about your business. With over 600 pages and an index of some 250 subjects, the Advisor is not only up-to-date, authoritative and presented in easy-to-read language, but it also is customized to reflect your state's laws and your company's facts, including your company's name!

Easy-to-use but highly sophisticated tax planning modules for doing individual federal income, corporate income and estate tax planning . (Plus a "self-test" of your entrepreneurial abilities.)

Built-in templates/outlines for creating business plans, employee policies, or a complete set of marketing feasibility studies.


* accounting methods * the American With Disabilities Act * business financing sources * buying an existing business * child labor laws * minimum wage/hour laws * OSHA * State and Federal income taxes * sales and use tax * FICA, FUTA, Self-Employment tax * state unemployment tax * ERISA * excise taxes * property taxes * IRS information returns * licensing requirements * business trade name * Worker's Compensation * EEO (Civil Rights) Rules * Family & Medical Leave Act * Right-to-Work Laws * Immigration Laws for Employers * SEC Requirements * Environmental Laws * Franchises * Selecting a Legal Entity * Selecting Advisors * Exporting & Customs Rebates * Real Estate Leases * Internal Financial Controls
* and over 200 OTHER TOPICS, all highly relevant to new or small businesses!

Small Business Advisor $17.95 plus $5 s&h.  


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