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Do It Yourself Guardianship Kit
Guardianship is a precise legal procedure. It can be for a minor child or it can be for some other person incapable of caring for themselves. Still there is guardianship in a state program where you can become the guardian for someone you don't even know. This kit gives you a background on the subject-together with a simple procedure with a power of attorney form which is enclosed.

Basically there are two types of guardianship; 
(1) Temporary- A temporary guardianship can be arranged in a private agreement between the parties, usually with a Power of Attorney authorizing the guardian to handle the affairs of the person, including medical needs.

(2) Permanent
- A permanent guardianship is more complex and requires the recording of a court order.  A petition must first be filed with the court together with a request for hearing on the petition.  If the guardianship is mutually agreed upon by all parties involved, it is usually pretty simple.  If there is disagreement among the parties then the issues become more complex.  A sample petition is contained in the kit.  Since permanent guardianship is more complex, it is suggested if you handle the case yourself without a lawyer, you should visit the nearest law library and look in the trial lawyers handbook.  There you will find instructions on how to proceed required by your own state or residence.  Follow the forms style for the petition, complete that and file it with your District Court of jurisdiction.  Filing fee will vary according to your state.

Kit Contents
1.  The Guardianship kit contains a overview of the basic information to give you a good understanding concerning guardianship and what is required.
2.  Several narrative pages to help you understand the different types of guardianship
3.  Power of Attorney for temporary guardianship
4.  Petition for permanent guardianship

How Current is This Publication?
Many states change their laws and requirements several times a year. That's why we update this kit on a monthly basis if needed. Other publishers update theirs once every 1 to 3 years. We are also the only publisher to offer you a money-back guarantee that our kit will truly work for you. We feel our kit is the best available - it's the easiest, most up-to-date and guaranteed ! What more could you ask for?

Do-It-Yourself Guardianship Kit $29.95  Our Price: $24.95 plus $5 s&h.

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