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Thinking about adopting a child...but not quite sure how to go about doing it?


Do-It-Yourself Adoption Kit

 Adoption is the normal legal process by which rights and responsibilities of parenthood are transferred to the adoptive parent.  From the point of adoption, the legal status of the child becomes the same to the adoptive parent (s) as though the child were actually born to the adoptive parent (s).  You would have to check with the laws of your own state to determine if there are any laws or statutes with regard to the right of inheritance for the adopted child.  

Two Types of Adoption
Adoption can be complex or it can be very simple, depending upon the type of adoption.  Basically there are two types of adoption with an explanation of each as follows;

Independent or Private Adoption

The private adoption permits the birth parent to make their own adoption plan with the adoptive parent(s), assuming the whereabouts of the birthparent is known or involved.  This type of adoption can happen without the intervention of a government agency or social worker.  Many private adoptions take place in variety of circumstances.  Obviously if the birth parent(s) are known and there are mutual agreements the process is simple.  A simple private adoption can be done without a lawyer-using the ADOPTION KIT.  Many adoptive parents around the nation have been successful using the adoption kit-saving thousands of dollars, without hiring a lawyer. It all begins with the "Petition For Adoption" which is contained in the kit.  Just complete the blanks in the petition (some questions may not pertain-just mark N/A), sign and notarize and submit to your court of jurisdiction together with a request for hearing and notice of hearing contained in the kit.  If you have any of the following documents or if these documents are relevant then attach those documents to the petition upon filing;  (1) Consent by natural mother or father  (2) Consent of person to be adopted (3) Consent of custodian to adoption.  If the court of jurisdiction has any other requirements they should inform you upon filing of your petition.  We have a databank of additional forms which you may request free of charge if needed by your court of jurisdiction.   Be sure to specify exactly the name of the form.  This kit is ideal for a step-parent in a second marriage.

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PLEASE NOTE:  The adoption kit is provided for your own use and judgment, the seller of the kit disclaims any legal responsibility for the outcome of the adoption process and is not providing the user of this kit with any legal advice.

Legal fees have become out of reach for most Americans today. The average attorney charges about $150 per hour! That's why we offer these DO-IT YOURSELF LEGAL KITS! You can DO-IT YOURSELF saving time and money.

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